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Environment Quiz

Test your Preparation: Environment Quiz

1.   Within the concept of Environment, which of these is/are included?

1.   Climate and weather conditions        

2.   Earth crust and the rocks

3.   Artificial ecosystem                            

4.   All living beings including human

      Select the correct answer code-

(a) 1, 2 Only                      (b) 2, 3 and 4

(c) 1, 3 and 4                    (d) All of the above

2.   Which one of the following is a not issue related with environment-

(a) Solid waste and its management

(b)  Soil degradation and its consumption

(c) Poverty Alleviation                 

(d)  Rocket launching and its pollution

3.   Sustainable development refers to-

(a) Inter-governmental sustainability

(b)  Inter-regional competitiveness

(c) Inter-generational sustainability       

(d)  Intra-generational competitiveness

4.   U.N initiative, “the decade of sustainable energy for all” had defined terms-

(a) 2010-2020                   (b) 2012-2022

(c) 2014-2024                   (d) 2016-2016

5.   Which of the following is/are correct regarding water cycle-

1.   The main role is played by solar radiation in water cycle                 

2.   Water cycle cannot be seen without active support of life (Plants and animals)

3.   It includes the photosynthesis of water

      Select the most appropriate answer code-

(a) Only 1                          (b) 1 and 2 Only

(c) 1 and 3 Only               (d) All are correct

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6.   Which is not correctly matched-?

(a) World environment day- 5 June        

(b)  World car-free day- 22 Sept

(c) Green consumer day – 26 Sept          

(d)   International day of Bio-Diversity- 26 Sept

7.   Which one is correctly matched?

(a) NEERI             –            Nagpur           

(b)  G.C.R.M.N       –           Townsville 

(c)   Psammosere   –           Starting of Biotic accession at sandy surface

(d)  All of the above

8.   The earth first summit was held at-

(a) East coast of North Atlantic

(b) West coast of North Atlantic

(c) West coast of South Atlantic

(d) West coast of south Atlantic

9.   Which one of the following is a radio-active pollution but not present air naturally?

(a) Helium                         (b) Argon

(c) Radon                          (d) Neon

10. In the atmosphere, the highest percentage is of-

(a) Argon               (b) Carbon-di-Oxide

(c) Helium             (d) Ozone

Topic: Environment Quiz

11. Which one is correctly matched-?

(a) Evapotranspiration    –                       Water cycle

(b)  Photosynthesis of water –                    Carbon cycle 

(c) Ammonification –                                 Nitrogen cycle

(d) All of the above

12. Green multiples is concerned with-

(a) Noise pollution control                       

(b)  To absorb CO2emissions

(c) To keep air warm in winter                

(d)  To keep away insects form cities

13. Consider the following-

1.   Intake by plant roots              

2.   Respiration

3.  Decay organic matter                         

Which of the above includes phosphorus in its cycle on the earth?

(a) Only 1                          (b) Only 1, 2

(c) 1, 2, 3 All                     (d) None of these

14. Which of the following is not correctly matched?

(a)  World metrological organisation – Geneva

(b)  U.N Environmental Programme – Nairobi

(c)  The Green Peace International- Amsterdam             

(d)  Intergovernmental panel on climate change – New Delhi

15. Consider the following statements-

1.   Eco mark is given to an Indian product which is environment friendly       

2.  Eco-Mark is a certification on mark issued by central pollution control board at New Delhi.

Select the correct answer code-

(a) Only 1                          (b) Only 1, 2

(c) 1, 2, 3 All                     (d) None of these

Follow Srishti IAS

16. Which one is correctly matched-?

(a) Earth Summit  –           AGENDA-21 (1992)

(b) Earth summit+5  –       Kyoto Protocol ( 1997)

(b) Earth summit+20 –      Sustainable development goals 

(d) All of the above 

17. Which one is not correctly matched?

(a) Plachimada movement-          groundwater contamination                         

(b) Minimata convention –            Mercury bioaccumulation and biomagnification.

(c) Stockholm convention –          Persistent organic pollutants                                    

(d)  Bhopal convention –                Methyl isocyanide pollution.

18. Which one is Apex body in the MOEF&CC, related with- Rule of manufacture, use, import, export, and shortage of hazardous micro organisms/genetically configured/ Modified organisms/cells in India?

(a) Genetic engineering & appraisal committee.                         

(b)  Central pollution control board. 

(c) The green court                                  

(d)  The Supreme Court

19. Which one is not correctly matched-?

      term/concept                    Proposed by

(a) Ecology            –                       Charles Darwin          

(b)  Eco-system     –                        Tansley

(c) Ecological       –                        Grinnell                      

(d)  Bio-diversity   –                        Thomas. E. Lovejoy

20. Which one is not true about the ecosystem?

(a) It represents all living and physical components of the environment in any given time and space unit.               

(b)  It is a functional and as well as structural unit.

(c) Its shape and size depending upon the choice of unit.

(d) It is a closed system and that’s why has no productivity

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