NCERT Summary: NCERTs play a vital role in the preparation of Civil Services (IAS/PCS) Exams Preparation as not only they are the source of fundamental concepts which are being asked in the exams also many questions find their mention directly in the NCERTs. Even the text book of Class 6 can be as important as any other standard book and questions might be framed directly from these books. So, covering NCERTs is a must for any candidate.

To ease the hardship of the serious candidates, Srishti IAS has compiled the gist of all the NCERTs of all subjects from class 6 to class 12.  It will help students learn all the concepts given in NCERTs grasp faster and revise them faster during the exam time. However, it is advised to cover the whole book before going through these summary compilations.

Below are given links for different classes. Please click the link of the class of which NCERT Summary you want to cover.

Class 7

Class 8

Class 9

Class 10

Class 11

Class 12

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