UPSC mains Environment Practice Questions

In this article, we have listed a few practice questions for the UPSC Mains Environment portion. Practice these questions for developing writing skills for UPSC Mains Exam.

UPSC Mains Environment Practice Questions

Q1. The water crisis is on rise, freshwater sources are depleting rapidly and megacities worldwide are running out of potable water supply. What are the measures that communities can take to fight problem water-scarcity? Discuss with reference to India.

Q2. Air pollution is one of the biggest problems in major urban agglomerations and costs thousands of lives every year. What are the major causes of air pollution in urban agglomerations? Also, suggest measures to control air pollution.

Q3. With the increasing use of chemical fertilizers and soil, pollution has badly impacted productivity and has turned fertile lands into badlands. Discuss in brief the initiatives taken by the Government of India to mitigate the bad impacts on soil.

Q4. The peaceful coexistence of humans with wildlife is the need of the hour. Comment.

Q5. Global warming due to the greenhouse effect will increase the temperature by 3 0C, which will result in the melting of glaciers and a rise in ocean water level. Discuss the impacts of increased ocean water levels.

Q6. The term ‘Urban Heat Island’ is in the news sometimes. What do you understand by ‘Urban Heat Island’? What are the causes that give rise to ‘Urban Heat Island’?

Q7. ‘Peri-Urban Agriculture’ is seen as a solution to help adapt to the changes due to climate change. Discuss the benefits of  ‘Peri-Urban Agriculture’.

Q8. Ozone pollution is a serious threat to the environment and human health. Discuss the reasons for and impact of ozone pollution.

Q9. What is Coral Bleaching? Why Coral Bleaching is a concerning issue?

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