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In this article, we have compiled a list of the most often asked inscriptions from Ancient Indian History. There is always a high probability of 1 or 2 questions being framed from this segment. All important exams, be it UPSC/ UPPSC/ Other State Civil Sevices Exams or SSC/ Banking or Railways exam..Questions are always asked from this segment. So, please do memorize this list diligently for your upcoming exam.


S. No.InscriptionBelongs to (King)About the Inscription
1AyodhyaPushyamitra SungaDescription of Ashwamedha Yajna of Pushyamitra Sunga
2BesnagarVasudeva (Bhagabhadra)**Heliodorus
3HathigumphaKharvela King of Kalinga 
4AiholePulkeshin (II)Dynastic Geneology of Pulkeshin (II)
5GwaliorBhojaDynastic Geneology of King Bhoja
6AllahabadSamudraguptaSamudragupta also known as Lichhavi-dauhitra
7JunagarhRudradamanSudarshan Lake
8BhitariSkandaguptaSkandagupta’s victory over Hunas
9NanaghatSatkarni (I) 
10NasikGautamiputra Satkarni 
11MandsaurYashodharmanYashodharman defeated Mihirkula
List of all important Inscriptions
Inscriptions Related to Ashoka
RummideiAshoka’s visit to Lumbini
Bhabru-BairatAshoka’s conversion to Buddhism
MaskiName “Ashoka” is inscribed
JunagarhName “Ashoka Maurya” is inscribed
PuranasName “Ashoka Varshan” is inscribed
GujarraName “Ashoka” is inscribed
Important Inscription related to Ashoka

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