Arth Ganga

Arth Ganga, a recent addition to the Namami Ganga Program, emerged from the National Ganga Council’s decision in December 2019. It aims to establish a sustainable economic development model that bolsters the relationship between the Ganga and its communities.

Arth Ganga: Integration with Namami Ganga

  • Added as a vertical within the Namami Ganga Program alongside existing pillars like Nirmal Ganga, Aviral Ganga, Jan Ganga, and Gyan Ganga.
  • Aims to lead the concept of Arth Ganga with collaboration among various ministries, stakeholders, institutions, and community organizations.

Pillars of Project Arth Ganga

Six key pillars identified for Arth Ganga:

  1. Promotion of Natural Framing: Encouraging natural farming along a 5 km band on both sides of the river.
  2. Monetization of Treated Water: Reusing treated water and sludge from Sewage Treatment Plants (STPs).
  3. Livelihood Improvement: Focusing on enhancing livelihood opportunities, especially for women.
  4. Tourism and Cultural Heritage: Promoting tourism and preserving cultural heritage along the Ganga.
  5. People’s Participation: Engaging local communities and fostering their participation.
  6. Capacity Building: Developing institutions and capacities for effective implementation.

Implementation and Objectives

  • Various initiatives underway through the National Mission for Clean Ganga in coordination with ministries and stakeholders.
  • Long-term objective: Creating an economic bridge linking people and the Ganga, garnering public participation for river conservation and sustainable development.
  • No specific short-term goals outlined, emphasizing the importance of long-term strategies aligning economic activities with Ganga rejuvenation.

The project envisions a sustainable economic model that intertwines the river’s vitality with community welfare and involvement, emphasizing both conservation and development aspects.

Source: PIB

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