Nature of Sociology

nature of sociology

Nature of Sociology: Sociology is not like natural sciences. It is also different from other social sciences in certain ways. Robert Bierstedt in his book ‘ The Social Order’ has enlisted the following characteristics of sociology:

  1. Sociology is an independent science and is studied like any other science. It has its own field of study, methodology, and boundaries.
  2. Sociology belongs to the family of social sciences and not of physical sciences. It is closely related to history, economics, anthropology, political science, psychology, etc.
  3. Sociology is a Normative discipline but rather a Categorical discipline. It is ethically neutral.
  4. Sociology is not an applied science but pure science. Its main aim is the acquisition of knowledge. It is not bothered about the use of that acquired knowledge.
  5. Sociology is relatively an abstract science and not a concrete science. It is concerned with the forms and patterns of human events.
  6. Sociology does not particularise or Individualise. Rather it is a generalizing branch of study.
  7. The area of inquiry of sociology is general and not specialized as it is concerned with human interactions and human life in general.
  8. Sociology is both Empirical and Rational Science.

Nature of Sociology

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