social class

Social Class:

A Social Class in Sociology, According to P. Gisbert is a category or a group of persons having a definite status in society that permanently determines their relations with other groups.

Social Class: Nature and Characteristics

  1. Class: a status group
  2. Achieved Status and not Ascribed Status
  3. Universal (Absent only in smallest, simplest, and most primitive societies)
  4. Modes of Feeling: Three modes- 1. Feeling of Equality 2. Feeling of Superiority 3. Feeling of Inferiority
  5. Element of Prestige present: Depends on our evaluation
  6. Element of Stability
  7. Modes of Living: Different lifestyles for different classes
  8. An Open Group: Social Mobility is possible
  9. An Economic Group
  10. Classification: 3 Classes- Upper, Middle, and Lower
  11. Class Consciousness: A Sentiment that characterizes the relations of men towards the members of their own class and other classes.

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