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List of Most important branches of Science

In this article, we have enumerated the List of the Most important branches of Science which are frequently asked in government job exams (UPSC/ UPPSC/ BPSC and other exams). There is always a very high probability of 1-2 questions being asked in every exam from this particular topic. So prepare wisely and go through the list.

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CosmologyStudy of Universe
EntomologyStudy of Insects
EpidemiologyStudy Epidemic diseases and their cure
NumismaticsStudy of coins
Ex-biologyLife beyond earth
Holography3-D Figures using lasers
HorologyStudy of time
MammographyStudy of breast cancer
OrnithologyStudy of birds
EpigraphyStudy of writing on stones
PomologyStudy of fruits
AgrostologyStudy of grasses
ArboricultureStudy of Plant/tree growing
CalisthenicsStudy of physical beauty and exercise
ConchologyStudy of mollusks
GeodesyStudy of Geomathematics
EthnographyStudy of human species
Ethology                         Study of the behavior of animals
PhycologyStudy of Algae
SericultureStudy of silk insects
OneirologyStudy of dreams
KalologyStudy of human beauty
EtiologyStudy of the cause of diseases

Chapter-wise NCERT Summary : NCERT HISTORY (CLASS 6)

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