Sociology Optional | UPSC Mains Practice Questions

1. Divorce is not challenging the concept of marriage rather it is changing the pattern of marriage more so in the direction of Primary to secondary marriages. Highlight your views for the same.  (20 marks)

2. Intercaste marriages are now recognized by law and take place on a larger scale than before. In this context to what extent are the traditional rules of marriages are operative today? (20 marks)

3. Under the local influence of high caste values and practices, some groups have given up their custom of bride-price and have adopted the custom of dowry. How the process of sankritization is affecting the prevalence of dowry system?

4. Discuss the main approaches to the study of kinship system in India? Mention the difference between different approaches to the study of the Kinship system In India.

5. Discuss the factors of change and disintegration of the Joint family? Also, mention the factors of change responsible for the reinforcement of the joint family.

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