IAS/ PCS Prelims Practice Question-1

ias prelims question paper

What is the meaning of a Carbon Positive Area?

A. Area where carbon emissions are more than the carbon sequestration.

B. The area where carbon emissions are balanced with the carbon sequestration.

C. The area where carbon emission is zero.

D. The area with  more renewable energy generation than needed to sustain the area.


  • The terms ‘carbon zero’, ‘carbon neutral’, ‘zero energy’ or ‘zero emission’ apply to buildings that use renewable energy sources on site to generate energy for their operation, so that over a year the net amount of energy generated on site equals the net amount of energy required by the building.
  • Carbon positive moves beyond carbon zero by making additional ‘positive’ or ‘net export’ contributions by producing more energy on site than the building requires and feeding it back to the grid.
  • Carbon positive projects can make significant contributions by helping to address the carbon intensity and damaging impacts of past building practices and lifestyles, and by offsetting situations where carbon zero homes are not possible.
  • Also in such areas carbon sequestration is more than carbon emissions and not just zero emissions.
  • Carbon neutral means that an activity releases net zero carbon emissions into the atmosphere.
  • Climate positive means that an activity goes beyond achieving net zero carbon emissions to actually create an environmental benefit by removing additional carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.
  • Carbon negative means the same thing as “climate positive.”
  • Carbon positive is sometimes how organizations describe the previous two definitions. It’s mainly a marketing term, and understandably confusing–we generally avoid it.
  • So the answer is- (d) The area with  more renewable energy generation than needed to sustain the area.
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